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  • New album is really good :-O
  • rainhas
  • taj did really well on survivor tocantins
  • I loved how the Great Fairy theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was sampled in "I Missed Us"
  • I don't like SWV, they are so boring! The only good thing about them is the Teddy Riley remix of 'Right Here'. They have admitted they hate this version of their song but this is what catapulted them into the charts in 1993... they should be grateful. The original version is rubbish!
  • Someone ♥
  • i cant explain what your lovin does to me...
  • Their harmonies >>>
  • You're Always On My Mind ♥
  • official account for TLC! please like!
  • The album is still one of my faves of 2012. All R&B Lovers need to buy this album.
  • Congrats on The Grammy nod for "If Only You Knew"
  • Their version of "If Only You Knew" was nominated for a Grammy. Congrats.
  • new album is good. back to 90's
  • Such beautifull girls and that voices:-)
  • I am so glad they came back !!
  • rain <3
  • Wow, fantastic new album! [2]
  • Please tell me that you guys are going to go and pre-order this! Brandy's new album Two Eleven !
  • Weak ♥
  • Love Unconditionally >>>>>> [3] RnB NEEDED these ladies to bless us with their beautiful voices again. Maybe they will inspire a new generation of youth to love that classic RnB flavor.
  • Wow, fantastic new album! So happy they're back!!!!!
  • @GOTNOTIME4BS LeLee did a good job singing lead, but Taj did fall flat.
  • Love Unconditionally >>>>>> [2]
  • Love these ladies!!! Classic R&B songs!!! :-)
  • Damn, I wasn't expecting their "comeback" album to be as good as it is! Easily one of the best R&B albums of 2012.
  • Love Unconditionally >>>>>>
  • This new album proves why the other two girls needed to stay in the background and play their position...Coko >>>>>>
  • Their new album gives me life ♥
  • DO YA DO YA DO YA!!!!
  • Great album, that's what I expected. Co-Sign, All About You, Use Me ♥
  • Love the new album. "Show Off" needs to be the next single <3
  • there's not much else to say other than the new album is brilliant. so proud of these ladies for doing their thing <3
  • this interview is AMAZING LOL
  • If Only You Knew >>>>>>>>
  • The album is good. "Do Ya" is the best.
  • Loving the new album <3
  • Use Your Heart ♥
  • Way too amazing. Sad that there's little to no buzz about the album.
  • They currently have the #1 spot on iTunes overall and not too many are talking about it. A damn shame!
  • One of the best r&b albums of the year by far ♥[2] It's top 5 R&B AOTY material.
  • Their cover of "If Only You Knew" is everything. ♥
  • the album is very nice :) Co-Sign is one of the best track!
  • Great album! One of my fave albums of the year so far.
  • The album is HOT!!!
  • One of the best r&b albums of the year by far ♥
  • LOVE the album i will be buying it ^_^
  • The album preview sounds really good. I'm excited to hear it in full. (2)


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