Set 28 2009, 20:32 di moderaterock

    Here comes the fear. Seriously, if you don’t get the creeps listening to this record, if you aren’t checking over your shoulder every two minutes, and if you’re not a sweating wreck at the end of it, then you’re doing it wrong. Ok, so Russian Circles have never been about sweetness and light but from the eerie orchestrations of ‘Fathom’, past the warped beats and claustrophobic cymbals of the title track, to the slow, sombre collapse of ‘Philos’, this is the darkest, the densest, and the heaviest they have ever been. But it is also, without a doubt, the best they’ve ever been too.

    None of the accusations regularly leveled at post-rock (and, quite correctly, at the Circles last album, ‘Station’) make sense here. There are no stale repetitions, no recycling of old genre clichés, and this is definitely not music to drift off to, unless you want to wake up in a nightmare. And while there are quiet/loud dynamics at play, the shifts are never predictable and both ends of the scale make maximum impact. …