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I Rush sono un gruppo progressive rock/hard rock canadese composto da Geddy Lee (basso/tastiere/voce) Alex Lifeson (chitarra) e Neil Peart (batteria). Il gruppo è attivo sia con tournée che con registrazioni in studio fin dal 1973. John Rutsey suonò la batteria per i Rush sul loro primo album, Rush (1974) ma dovette abbandonare poco dopo per problemi di salute. Dopo l'arrivo del suo sostituto, Neil Peart, nel 1974, la formazione non ha più subito cambiamenti. È interessante… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Rush is the only true black metal band in the world. They also combine classic pop music with rap, techno and cheesy death metal operas. I can't think of any other painter who cooks such delicate movies.
  • I got into Rush over 10 years ago but it wasn't till this year that I started getting into anything after Signals. I dig a lot of it for the most part (particularly grace under pressure, power windows, and presto)
  • Maravilhosos <3
  • v The '70s stuff is amazing, the '80s is when albums need to slowly grow on you with Rush
  • i lied im all about that 70s rush
  • Will there ever be a new RUSH album? I guess not, Neil Peart made it really clear...
  • I'm falling love by this band! ❤😍
  • well... I will allow fly by night and 2112 to sneak into that category too
  • I at least *like* most Rush (and love most of that) but the "sector 2" era (farewell - moving pictures) is absolutely untouchable above the rest for me
  • to niech będzie dwa razy ze śląska! :D greetings from Poland, Silesia to Rush fans!

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