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You just don't get it what it is
Well, you're not really sure
You move like you're walking on thin ice
Talking like you're still insecure

Testo di Rush - Neurotica


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  • I agree Kelemvore, should you happen upon this shout. Compared to the other stuff by Rush this song falls flat on it's face . I still like it , Been a while since I listened to it . But nowhere near as good as some of the other songs on this LP even .
  • @ WalterDigsTunes That's a fluke . Rush don't need to copy ANYONE on the planet Least of all - a has been band with only 2 LP's worth listening to . ( Those would be High And Dry and On Through The Night - In that order.) The rest was way to slow for my taste . And say what you will , The decision to stick with the drummer after he lost his arm, hurt that band musically . All the other stuff was written with his disability in mind . Not to mention How many tunes have you heard lately that doesn't have an element of another bands music in them ? For a band to be 100 percent original meaning not sounding like anything else -Anywhere is probably impossible , considering the amount of music out there . I myself have heard tons of music that sounds near identical to something else . NO way will you ever convince me that all they were doing is copying someone else's music . That's done legally by greedy Music industry , That plays their get on commercial radio .
  • Cool chorus.
  • haha, the chorus totally rips off Def Leppard's 1987 "Hysteria" track
  • Love the guitar in this one.
  • Beatiful song(L)
  • How come it seems no matter what Rush song I listen to, I love it more than anything by any other band, ever?
  • very cool song [2] What a great chorus.
  • great intro
  • very cool song

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