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  • give me a sandwich to go
  • Pretty amazing indeed! Go Rupert!
  • Since Guardians of the Galaxy the number of listeners skyrocketed.
  • Fringe, Grown Ups and finally Guardians of the Galaxy brought me here.
  • The Milano brought me here.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy brought me here.
  • him, morning man, also charted, holmes=genius songwriter imho
  • @AlexHorrible: This guy is a two hit wonder!
  • true blood
  • Biggest jackass in music
  • 'gente grande' e 'tudo pra ficar com ele' -- piña colada song
  • His musical was my favorite I've ever gotten to be in! <3 Team Puffer!
  • well I like pina colada ! *--*
  • this guy is not a one hit wonder!
  • so you like pina colada...
  • Hurrah for [url=]Drood[/url]!
  • love Escape (Pinacloada Song)-summer 1994 ;)
  • Gah. Love Escape. Makes me pray that I was at the beach, with a tasty drink.
  • Join my group at
  • " ESCAPE"...........if you have, half a brain..............!
  • Join my group at
  • yaea i lauove apinae teoslcaada
  • Rupert has way too little plays, I LOVE his music, and I wish espcape wasnt the most played song :( so underrated
  • the song "HIM"is a true story .why?because it happened to me.rupe ,thank for this song it told the truth about cheating.and it's my favorite.(LOL)
  • I love it thanks;)
  • Nice artist description. XD
  • ...most of his work is highly underrated. I think my least favourite of his work is Escape.
  • 'answering machine' is highly underrated.
  • rupert holmes is p-i-m-p.
  • yes i like pina coladas.
  • omg,9/10 of the chart is like one mistagged song. Lol
  • lmao
  • ha

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