• Smell-o-rama

    Set 16 2007, 14:47 di twIXta

    Sat 15 Sep – Ultra Eczema Festival

    The dj played some fun stuff by Piero Umiliani, something from a Sublime Frequencies cd (I think Cambodian Cassette Archives) and Bollywood, so that was a nice start. Various slideshows played and the one with some family events like trips into the woods and bowlinggames were sometimes quite hilarious. The first act was Nuscht (Paul Labrecque and Mauro Pawlowski), who provided a nice droney music. After that Finnish Reijo Pami did an act with two horses on a table, which was fun for a while but luckily he was aware that it was a bit minimal so he kept it short. Nice suit and glasses too. Sudden Infant was the first excellent performance of the evening. Probably having various mics on his body his performance was very physical and very noisy. Next up a guy that looked like the local bassfishing champion started putting some stuff on a table, like a cd-player, a hose and a salad spinner. It turned out to be Frieder Butzmann who did a hilarious show…