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I Rosetta sono una band americana avant-garde metal che incorpora elementi di post-hardcore, drone doom, e musica ambient creando un sound atmosferico richiamando quello di band come Neurosis, Isis, e anche di Stars of the Lid (citati dai Rosetta stessi come maggiore influenza), e definito da alcuni anche "space metal". Infatti, i membri della band sono dei grandi appassionati di astronomia e viaggi spaziali.

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  • Please check out this:
  • I saw them in Warsaw in 2015. It was pure madness, so powerfull band... I wish they come to Europe this year
  • <3
  • It's funny, because I'm not usually one to want to hear alternate takes and what-not, but I absolutely love these. I bought it just to support the band, because I'm a long time fan and appreciate everything they do, but I didn't really expect to get much out of the release, to be honest. But I'm so happy to be wrong. Excellent!
  • Oh holy crap this new release is incredible. I love hearing alternate and older versions of songs and this is full of that kind of stuff.
  • Their latest release is such great collection of recordings. If you pay for it on Bandcamp you get tons of demos and a DVD 5.1 combined version of The Galilean Satellites!!!
  • love the 2005/2009 demos, especially Lift
  • The Nomad - such an amazing and great song.
  • Как же я обожаю вас, ребята.
  • Please, come to Russia!!

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