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  • Avatar di dopedoll100
    the best
  • Avatar di adamcooleyisdea
    Man, you wanna talk about a horrifying past!
  • Avatar di DJDeathwish
    The Eleventh is a badass album, took me forever to find it. I actually own their demo CD as well as their 4 official releases.
  • Avatar di gute_mann
    real good one [thumbs up}
  • Avatar di The_Dork
    Guys, they're been reunited for about a 1-2 years. Where have ya been?
  • Avatar di ungodlywarlock
    I hope they are reforming soon. I've been a fan of them since around 97 or so? I knew a guy who was part of their promotion department and was completely blown away when he gave me one of their demo tapes. I was really disappointed when nothing ever came after Peace Minus One.
  • Avatar di Khymen
    I agree, best band I'm not sure about btw. One of the best industrial bands I know.
  • Avatar di SoooooMetal
    Really, of several thousand CD's I've owned. Rorchach Test is the only band whose music is the perfect industrial mix of guitars, keyboards, samples and drum machines. The lyrics strike accord with my person like a hammer slams true on an anvil. The best band ever. Period.
  • Avatar di SpecialEd85
    Unclean is a pretty good Indus-Metal album!
  • Avatar di SoooooMetal
    Sooo amazing. Saw them in a small venue in Albany NY. No more than 45 people. It changed my life. I need the new Shiznit!

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