• One Hit Wonders of the UK Top 40 (part five): 1990s

    Apr 19 2007, 23:30 di HTUK

    Ending the series on UK one-hit wonders with the Nineties. I've marked the songs I personally recall in italics. I've also included the date they charted, and the highest position (in brackets).

    As explained in the first of these postings, the listing ends in 1996, yet even though it only covers half of the decade there are still a lot of one-hit wonder tracks here! Possibly because as the decades have moved on, the prominence of singles sales has fallen and so it has become easier and easier to have a chart-topping single and this has lead to a much higher turnover of tracks in the charts.

    As with the other lists, if you think of any I might have missed from this decade, let me know here. Please drop me a note too if any bring back memories! :^)

    Ok, for one last time, here we go:

    20-Jan-90Instant Replay(10)
    03-Feb-90Probably A Robbery(38)
    10-Feb-90Bikini Girls With Machine Guns(35)
    10-Feb-90Walk On The Wild Side(27)