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  • sls
  • the avenue reminds me of college 2005/2006
  • Kevin Martin will be performing as The Bug at [url=]Supersonic Festival 2012[/url], joined by the ‘world’s fastest rapper’ and founder of Raggamuffin hip hop Daddy Freddy and Flow Dan (co-founder of UK Grime collective Roll Deep).
  • New Single: Michael Gray "Can't Wait for the Weekend" (feat. Roll Deep)
  • Anyone know when the new album is released?
  • "Winner Stays On" is a terrible album in comparison to previous stuff. Actually, it's just terrible. A truly disturbing transformation.... album deleted from library.
  • More When I'm 'Ere, less Green Light :( [2]
  • Apparently some bitch is now a full time member of Roll Deep. I can't stand most of the female artists, so I choose not to listen to them and now there's one in RD. I guess this is really the end.
  • they were half-decent before they sold out. can't believe badman isn't even in the top15. their best song.
  • Green Light (Future Freakz Dub) is awesome
  • Roll Deep are set to play Live Fest, London's biggest indoor music festival this July 23rd at the London O2. Full line-up inlcudes N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, Tempa T and loads more. Tickets are £25 via
  • what happened to these guys + skepta? should've stuck to the sidewinder raves instead of these pop tours..... longevity will see 'em back in the scene hopefully but right now they can take a back seat and leave the new alias & j sweet riddims to peeps who're reppin instead of steppin out
  • More When I'm 'Ere, less Green Light :(
  • Put your hands up! Green Light :-))
  • <3333333
  • "Wiley held a private listening party over the weekend for his forthcoming Big Dada album, 100% Publishing. Witness the man in his inimitable style, and hear some of the new music" Watch it here-
  • Normal.
  • They should have formed a different project that would do the more pop/chart music and leave Roll Deep for the more grimey stuff. The best of both worlds. Oh well, as long as they still love what they do... When I'm 'Ere will remain my favourite track, no matter what. I just wish they didn't put these female singers in their songs, it somehow grates on me. Am I the only one?
  • a lot of their stuff is pop, but they're good at writing pop songs so it works. would be good hearing more proper grime stuff from them though
  • Pop. But I dig it! I just hope they will record some more underground shit some day!
  • Take Control <3
  • This album is undoubtably pop. Luckily I have a soft spot for house music, otherwise I would not be able to stand this shit.
  • :)
  • real roll deep
  • Green Light! F*** love it :)))
  • @xstex - yeah, can see you're now listening to kanye west either because of pitchfork or in a way to appear open minded~
  • but yeah it does make me laught that alot of there top tracks are not getting plays... fkin pathetic
  • yo this shits sick... haters eat a dick.... some of the new stuff is laughable but dont hate cuz u gotta switch up your style sometimes...this coming from a NY boy.
  • @xstex - you deep dark brooding INDIEvidual
  • Laughable.
  • hm
  • So your pop now.....
  • What Do They Know feat. Eva Simons <3
  • They did it for the fame, new stuff is utter shit.
  • I liked the album <3
  • Terrible new album :(
  • Some sell their souls to the devil, but these guys gave it for free.
  • Winner stays on is siiick
  • wish spotify would stop advertising this shit to me....
  • Good Times <3
  • Haters gonna Hate
  • worst 'band' going
  • Green Light ♥
  • Good Times ♥ Take Control ♥
  • Good Times ♥ Green Light ♥ Take Control ♥
  • Green light is a tune, don't care what the squares on here say
  • The third single is Take Control (feat. Alesha Dixon)
  • there´s something wrong about the fact that i hear Roll Deep in czech radio stations all the time. The thing about czech radios is that they´re pretty SHITTY. I smell massive sell-out.
  • New stuff is shitee


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