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Roger Waters

The Ballad of Bill Hubbard (4:19)

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[Alf Razzell:] \"Two things that have haunted me most are the days when I had to collect the paybooks; and when I left Bill Hubbard in no-man's-land. I was picked up and taken into their trench. And I'd no sooner taken two or three steps down the trench when I heard a call, 'Hello Razz, I'm glad to see you. This is my second night here,' and he said 'I'm feeling bad,' and it was Bill Hubbard, one of the men we'd trained in England, one of the original battalion. I had a look at his wound; rolled him over. I could see it was probably a fatal wound. You could imagine what pain he was in, he was dripping with sweat; and after I'd gone about three shellholes, traversed that, had it been...had there been a path or a road I could have done better. He pummelled me, 'Put me down, put me down, I'd rather die, I'd rather die, put me down.' I was hoping he would faint. He said 'I can't go any further, let me die.' I said 'If I leave you here Bill you won't be found, let's have another go.' He said 'All right then.' And the same thing happened. he couldn't stand it any more, and I had to leave him there, in no-man's-land.\"
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  • Jeff Beck!
  • @Marcoz.... please sober up before posting, nothing in your post was even remotely on topic or approaching correct...
  • LOVE
  • ¨¨˜"ª¤.¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤♫ ♥`☆´♥ ♫ ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤.¤ª"˜¨¨
  • Still the greatest album ever made.
  • Possibly one of the best "floyd like" tracks on "amused to death". A moving song that makes you think about the millions of pour souls who lost their life in world war 1. Sad but beautifully haunting song.
  • @marcoz ......... drummer ? ......... cover band ? ........... U2 ? ........ Get some facts correct before posting, please ......
  • freeky good
  • Although I never felt any special interest in the Scientology movement, iI must admit that Ballad of Hubbard is an intriguing piece of work. On hearing this one wonders what made Syd Barrett decide to kick this talented drummer out of his band, thus turning Pink Floyd into a less than mediocre cover band. Must have been the drugs, I reckon. Sad, nevertheless. Pink Floyd could have been bigger than U2.
  • beautiful!

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