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  • Avatar di alakazam9891
    in retrospect this band is like a punk supergroup
  • Avatar di milchtrinkr
    I'm a fuck up, Who fucks up Gets too drunk, Won't shut up I'm hopeless, I know this I shoplift, I'm homeless I love you, It's stupid Sounds sappy, It's true but It could pass, Might be that Cheap speed makes me think fast.
  • Avatar di sketchyjoe
    My favourite Rivethead song is too short to scrobble.
  • Avatar di kaleyouridols
    the punks rule all else may rightfully fuck off. :)
  • Avatar di matthess
    industrial metal?! gross.
  • Avatar di T50L
    punk Rivethead all the way!! [2]
  • Avatar di Red_LemOn
    норм!!на кого то они похожи но не пойму на кого о_0
  • Avatar di Morwen84
    punk Rivethead all the way!!
  • Avatar di YoungPilgram
    Minneapolis Rivethead is the only way to go. if you like nu metal go drown [2]
  • Avatar di gorski_
    reminds me of KoЯn and Static-X, good stuff

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