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  • Avatar di Kaltenhoenn
    God is a shield of mine, he spares people of a simple heart. Let the iniquity of the blameworthy pass and the righteous empower. Righteous God who penetrates hearts and consciences spare me and free me from all the tormentors. If they don't convert (he) will sharpen his sword flex the bow and aim at them. An enemy began the lawlessness fateful is with anguish and deception breeds. He dug out a hole and deepen, but he fell into the trap he prepared himself. His anger will turn back onto his head and his own rape will fell on his fontanel. But I praise the Lord for his justice, sing a psalm in the name of the highest Lord. Reflects of them your servant and he will get a reward for their upholding. Oh Lord admit me equity because of my justice and innocence which is in me. My God and master if I let myself do that if iniquity stains my hands if I committed the evil and completely looted my foe let chase me and catch me my enemy life of mine tread into soil and dignity into ashes overturn.

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