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Rise Against

Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up (1:09)

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Trying to make a difference
But where the fuck did you go wrong?
Lying to all the names and faces
That have been there all along

Testo di Rise Against - Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up


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  • najpierw checie, aby Wasz głos usłyszało jak najwięcej ludzi a potem, kiedy jest taka możliwość to mówicie, że to jest sprzedawanie się.
  • Have you guys ever think about them moving to a major label is a way to make their voices heard more? And more recognition? And NOT selling out? Just because Rise Against changed their sound doesn't mean they are as well. It's a way to expand their musical horizons, and they have always been the same people. Or maybe they are just getting old. Hello, your musical tastes change as you grow old! If they were to 'sell out', they could have forsaken all their morals and principles in exchange for money and fame. But have they done that? I don't think so. They have always stood in what they believe in. So please, before you ever accuse any band for 'selling out', look up the definition of it, and then see if the definition is matching up with what they are standing up for right now. Wanna know who are the real sellouts? Maroon 5. Listen to One More Night and then compare it with any song off of Songs About Jane.
  • it may be possible, but not in this case. They changed message and style, for the sake of sales = sellout.
  • And why is it sell out when you are at a mayor label? can't a hardcore / melodic hardcore band be famous and not sellout at the same time?
  • This song is awesome :D and they are not sellouts. Maybe the new album isn't so hard like the old ones, but the message is the same. Something have to change in world!
  • They are sellouts now cuz they are on major label and THEY SUCK NOW!
  • sometimes....
  • Hah, they've always been poppy as fuck.
  • Sometimes signing to a major is selling out.
  • the irony of this song.....

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