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  • Avatar di Luiz_94
    Marvelous ❤
  • Avatar di Lyrici17
    I love Al Di Meola, but somehow just discovered these guys. I feel shame, but a good find nonetheless.
  • Avatar di pteronophobic
    These guys are monsters.
  • Avatar di reagan0
    First fusion album I ever listened to was Where Have I Known You Before, back in the mid-70s. Still one of my favorite albums.
  • Avatar di Slim_rafa
    banda louca
  • Avatar di THXmille138
    legendary band but i hate the nostalgic ignorants
  • Avatar di Neue_regel_
    Best fusion band ever[2] Yes, that happens when you happen to have Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea in the same band.
  • Avatar di godisprog
    Great band... Light years better than todays music. you gotta listen this if you like jazz/fusion
  • Avatar di Assedor
    This respected group has always sought to extract a diverse and deep sound. They have always been adventurous in the choice of material, and in the philosophical approach to the music. They produce a great impression of a mixture of artistry and power of influence. It makes sense to have them for your own collection.
  • Avatar di MusicMagic77
    I strongly recommend you [artist]Niacin[/artist]
  • Avatar di Redeyexpress
    These guys have some excellent linage..
  • Avatar di Tensegrity17
    No Mystery is an amazing album!
  • Avatar di HomingLasers
    proto vapor-wave
  • Avatar di barryvs
    Spanish Fantasy from Live is a really great way to pass 25 minutes.
  • Avatar di Neue_regel_
    I'm gonna see them on 30th of February 2012..NOT.
  • Avatar di nssworld
    Someday I'll tell you are RTF horror story in Feedback Bernie's custom van....
  • Avatar di idoxcase
    gonna see them in august 1, LAST.FM, Y U NO UPDATE EVENTS
  • Avatar di mrSaxonAcres
    "Vulcan Worlds" is the shit!
  • Avatar di Assedor
    A good fusion of stellar performers!!!!
  • Avatar di myllenadelima
    Fusion To Forever <3
  • Avatar di ummanturkoglu
    Illest fusion band ever
  • Avatar di handztalkin
    THIS SONG ROCKS>>>>> FOREVER & EVER!!!!~!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di Johnny_Prog
    Best fusion band ever
  • Avatar di reagan0
    Seems like I've been listening to these guys forever. They never grow old -- I do. Love 'em.
  • Avatar di zlaider
    does any one know the name of the rumba which is played on the track opening 77 form their album live????
  • Avatar di mUCUS32
    stanley is the bass
  • Avatar di SaxySid
    Chick Corea and Stanley Clark ftw. I can't really think of a better piano or bass player. Everything's just so goddamn SICK that they put out. Finally just got Hymm of the Seventh Galaxy and Romantic Warrior. Another reason I wish I was this age in 1970.
  • Avatar di floatondc
    simply fantastic band. love every album
  • Avatar di hoerejong
    "Light as a Feather" is such a masterpiece.
  • Avatar di DavidBG16
    chick is the guy!
  • Avatar di nekultura
    Great!Which of their albums are classics ???
  • Avatar di TrashBlot
  • Avatar di ShaniaEve
    Very good music!!!
  • Avatar di Godfrey11
    Awesome awesome awesome
  • Avatar di darmik89
    Return To Forever = Weather Report = Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Avatar di samgmusic
    I received my first RTF album when I was 10 and it scarred and amazed me at the same time from that moment on I was hooked. Light as a feather to music magic. Chick and crew always put a smile on my face.
  • Avatar di ShortiDT
    Agreed. The best lineup I can think of.
  • Avatar di TheOne5590
    I think the best RTF lineup was Chick Corea, Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke, and Lenny White. anybody agree?
  • Avatar di Cousin_Eddy
    Brilliant! I can't seem to find the song Chick did with Lsrry Coryerll that was just sick...had a spanish title that's all I can remember still...great band!
  • Avatar di JaZZyRhi
    Medieval Overture Remins Me Of The Old Mario Games>.>
  • Avatar di K1BORG
    The Endless Night live version is just amazing!!!
  • Avatar di florianblaschke
    Just listen to the synthesizer riff at 7:30 in "Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant" :O
  • Avatar di florianblaschke
    OK, this is coming from a jazz fusion noob, but Romantic Warrior is WEIRD. Looks like a power metal album, sounds like video game music. WTF? (I have read that it was inspired by Rick Wakeman's solo albums, though.)
  • Avatar di szmataarmata
    Hey! If you are fan o Weather Report (with Jaco or without him) join my group -
  • Avatar di alviladog
    when i heard al di meolas solo playing i thought that nothing could top it but this is divine:)
  • Avatar di GuiDelmolin
  • Avatar di mep3ab4uk
    light as a feather 1962 - I love it!
  • Avatar di McYaballow
    Wow, Vulcan Worlds' main melody is a total ripoff of John Barry's theme to Midnight Cowboy.
  • Avatar di sweipea
    This album is timeless!!
  • Avatar di Fade2611
    So insane. How these compositions are composed are beyond anything I can comprehend.


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