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  • Bloody hell, this band is utter shite
  • boomerang sounds like a 3OH!3 song
  • "I'm sorry for the person I became."
  • Wow, I did not expect the new album to be THAT bad. This is generic indie music but not even good one.
  • After forcing myself to listen to the whole album, my conclusion is that it sucks. If it wasn't relient k I would write it off as just another generic album from a band obsessed about making it big. The lyrics lack the sophistication and wit that us fans have grown to love. And yes I know that the lyrics have always been a bit immatureat time, but they were crafted in such an ingeniously charming and creative way that you couldn't help smirking to yourself. Forget and not slow down is not my favorite album from these guys, but I'm afraid that it's going to be the last one from them that I enjoy.
  • their new album is fucking PERFECTION. i think as long as you just put aside their previous records, the new record is just fine. some songs are dubstep. thiessen said they've gotten more rock, and honestly, i don't see that? they've given into being like everybody else. just like taylor swift used to be country, and she sold out and went into the dubstep and poppy direction. *sigh* oh well. the start was rock, then it progressed into dubstep. it was strange. but either way, i like it. i think taking five million years to record a new record was a bad idea. but i still like it. and i'm still ITCHING FOR THEM TO TOUR EUROPE.
  • The new album is horribly disappointing and like a worse version of the blandest kind of pop radio pablum. This is an album that makes Maroon 5 seem mature and nuanced. Relient K was always a guilty pleasure band for me, but this album has cured me of any such affectations.
  • idk what happened to them, i like the new records, tho~~ but it doesn't seems like their essence, idk, forget and not slow down sounds a way different from collapsible lung.
  • who did kill this marvelous band?
  • Sorry, I don't like the new record.
  • boomerang and disaster are great! :)
  • Boomerang is great!
  • i feel like i'm trying to comfort myself about the new album. not a good thing haha.
  • If you dig Relient K check out my bud fo realz.
  • New album is a step in the wrong direction, but a fun one at least
  • "I don't know what it is. Either I'm on a better lyrical move, or I have less self consciousness. I don't really know what's happening, but whatever it is, I'm just kind of going with it." - When we spoke with Kristian Bush, he had just released his debut solo single, "Love or Money," which he wrote with Matt Thiessen of Relient K. It took them less than 45 minutes, and it sounds like there is a whole lot more to come from Bush, who also talks to us about the Sugarland tracks "Stay," "It Happens," "Already Gone," "Joey" and "Steve Earle," which the country legend did not take very kindly to:
  • I think the new album is fun.
  • New album is seriously disappointing. Cringingly poppy at times. Yes, you can say it's their natural progression, and maybe it's not all that surprising, but it's still a huge let down.
  • Review of their concert a couple days ago!!_-_may_19,_2013
  • "Forget & Not Slow Down" is down right brilliant.
  • Da-Dum Da-Da, There Was Another Time In My Life!!
  • What on earth is up with the lowercase "k"? ._.
  • Why Relient k, not Relient K?
  • "Don't Blink" is awesome. Already have it on repeat!
  • Forget and Not Slow Down is my favorite record of theirs
  • It means a lot more than anything to do with "selling out". Now that's an overused, bullshit term that means absolutely nothing. The musicianship, lyrics and production on this record, is not as good as any of their last three records.
  • "not as good" is a common refrain that means absolutely nothing. these guys haven't lost their musicianship or production savvy overnight. i guess the real question is whether the album's sound and direction can be perceived as "selling out" to mainstream pop or what have you.
  • New album's good but not as good as their last three. I think a lot of people are gonna be kind of disappointed.
  • i wish they would just do a teeeny tinyyyy european tour. i would do just about anything to see them live just once. but they're not popular. :c
  • check out my song-a-day blog featuring Savannah by Relient K
  • Curl Up And Die ♥
  • My favorite artist to listen to during the holidays!
  • Come Right Out And Say It ♥
  • Sweet!
  • New record next year. About time.
  • Relient K helps me so much! Inspiring band.
  • Mmhmm is the best [2]
  • F&NSD... off to revisit the album, this time for some healing.
  • Mmhmm is pretty much written on my heart. Who I am Hates Who I've been pretty much explains my soul. Matt Thiessen is inspired!
  • one day relient k will tour europe, one day relient k will tour europe.. STILL KEEPING THE HOPE ALIVE AFTER SIX YEARS OF LOVING THEM. D:
  • Forget and Not Slow Down is a beautiful album.
  • Why does "Forget and not slow down" so few listeners? It's amazing!
  • Mmhmm is the best
  • This band's name.. bugs me.. relient... reliant? It should be "reliant".. oooh purposely spelling it wrong XO
  • <3
  • I'm not sure why I have always thought these guys were bad. I just listened to a few songs and they're quite good.
  • They don't really have that many songs that are super religious. I don't think they have any that are religious enough to be gross.
  • hope their next album isn't so super religious, their religious songs are gross
  • I hope that they decide to do some shows across the Atlantic soon. Been waiting for ages, I'd absolutely LOVE to see them live. :)
  • Forgiven <3


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