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  • I will never forget Mark Kozelek's concert in Poland. Great experience.
  • @zeloswilder88, i met Mark this august in Gothenburg. He was very nice and polite. I don't think his real person is a fucking asshole. But i have also read and heard about his doucebag tendencies, so i was quite suprised. Maby he just had a good day...
  • @ZelosWilder88 - I think he's just very insecure and angry and depressed. Which makes sense if you listen to the lyrics.
  • Didn't get the boxset in time. But got everything individually. Band quickly became one of my favorites shortly thereafter
  • After all this time, I still love the shit out of "Moments".
  • My new favorite band, been playing their albums a LOT over the past week or two.
  • i like Down Colorful Hill the most. its their bleakest work. also it has no filler
  • "Who is everyone's favourite Red House Painter? Mine is probably Mark." lol
  • Hearing about how much of a macho asshole Mark is really dampens my love of his music...
  • lord kill the pain
  • so great...
  • @yuggoth that's not true, it has the second most
  • If you don't get the box set I'd be happy to kill you.
  • had no idea about the boxset. looks like its too late now. welp
  • Anyone manage to get the boxset?
  • If I don't get the boxset on RSD I'm gonna kill myself [999999999999999999]
  • To me at least, Rollercoaster is the quintessential RHP album, which makes it weird that it has fewer listeners than the others, even when you take into account all the different names under which it's been scrobbled.
  • Okay, so what's the deal with the boxset? will it only be available to purchase in person from record stores on the release date? I would rather just pre-order it via an online store insread. The 4AD website posts about it doesn't make it very obvious.
  • If I don't get the boxset on RSD I'm gonna kill myself [1]
  • If I don't get the boxset on RSD I'm gonna kill myself
  • I still think otherwise
  • Rollercoaster is so much better than Down Colorful Hill [1] this but medicine bottle is 10/10
  • Rollercoaster is so much better than Down Colorful Hill
  • Top 5: 1. Katy Song 2. Uncle Joe 3. Moments 4. Headsore (demo) 5. Funhouse
  • can't go with my heart when i can't feel what's in it </3
  • Il contenuto di questo messaggio non è disponibile.
  • this band contains all of my past regrets
  • every autumn, without fail, ya throw on that "songs for a blue guitar" and it soothes yr soul amen
  • nothing feels better than getting depressed
  • Your friends are fucked up anyway
  • hi guys, does anyone happen to know what was the deal with kozelek book "nights of passed over" having his first print in portugal, written both in english and portuguese? what i mean is, why portugal? his label also has a portuguese name "caldo verde". am i missing something? cant find anything on this. thank you so much!
  • chin up kozelek life isn't that bad.
  • 10/10 excellent background music for crying in a fetal position
  • Down Colorful Hill... One of the greatest albums of ALL TIMES!
  • @ Killer_McHann: hahahahaha
  • man why was Red Hot Chili Painters so good? Grace Cathedral Park makes my insides all fluttery and my eyes water.
  • jdagr
  • @roope So many good lines. :)
  • @Phoenixme: love that line!
  • Where have all the people gone in my life? I'm looking at the ceiling with an awful feeling of loss and loneliness.
  • "Red House Complainers" - Mark Kozelek
  • Miserablists make melancholy music.
  • Altas nuances melodico-harmonicas supimpassas.
  • trolling on lastfm nowadays seems as low as arguing in youtube [2]
  • trolling on lastfm nowadays seems as low as arguing in youtube
  • @byahigherlove Only Chris Barnes can ejaculate blood. RHP makes you sweat melancholy. Not as epic, sure, but that's just another tragedy for us all to lament in quiet whimpers.
  • vv why so serious dude? :P


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