• Leverage Of Space

    Lug 20 2007, 11:14 di Odirile

    This is an amazing song by the Chilis. I like RHCP. Every song they play has got something special about it. What really attracts me to most of their songs is, in most cases, the heart-breaking solos by John. These solos have always made me cry. It's the emotion which Frusciante puts in each and everyone of his solos. But recently all that has changed. I tend to pay more attention to Flea's bass. I'm a classical guitarist, but I'm beginning to worship Flea. The bass in the song Leverage of Space is quite extraordinary and I really wonder what inspired him to come up with something like this (maybe it's the blueberries that he eats every morning). Same goes for Rolling Sly Stone. Another elegant piece of bass is in the song Wet Sand. The bass in that song qualifies to be treated as a song on its own.

    I hope these guys will continue to inspire us all with their art. God bless the Chilis.