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Reagan Youth

Urban Savages (1:24)

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We're urban savages, no one can manage us
We're gonna hit the street
We're urban savages, no one can manage us
We gotta rock the street

Testo di Reagan Youth - Urban Savages


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  • I agree with you oppiejay. I like Blink 182, more so pre Travis Barker. I Rancid and NOFX and the old school stuff like this and the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Ramones, Clash,etc....
  • I might be the one outsider here but Blink 182 is just fine. They're not punk, but they play great rock songs and have fun with it
  • @cre8disorder - agreed! reagan youth is bad ass. and seriously... who gives a fuck?!?
  • WHo gives a fuck, reagen youth is bad ass, enjoy it.
  • LOL. ok punkrockgrrl, when "revolution finally comes", you'll be ready because you listened to Crass. The people who don't listen to Crass? They're fucked. bahaha grow up.
  • Punk is fucking dying. There was fucking Crass, now we have shitty Blink 182..... Fuck the shit heads that think Green Day is the epitome of punk and claim being punk because of that. They can die. One day revolution will come, and they'll be scared shitless.
  • Blink 182 is comercialization of punk. Fuck Blink 182. I just felt like I Should join in this blink 182 bashing! lol
  • FUCK blink 182
  • Hey kids! this is punk-Blink 182 is NOT PUNK!

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