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Ray Lynch
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The Sky Of Mind (Music West, 1983) ***
Deep Breakfast (Music West, 1984) ***
No Blue Thing (Music West, 1989) ****
The Music Of (Music West, 1990) *** anthology
Nothing Above My Shoulders (Windham Hill, 1993) ** Links:
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  • I am going to make an ambient album, this man is my inspiration.
  • spider pig
  • GOD
  • XD
  • Cyclops there. Cyclops there. Cyclops there. Turrets. Moon buggies. Oh my holy crap! Survelliance does. I hate those.
  • Ray I love you
  • Deep Breakfast is going to help me wind down to sleep so often. I was listening to it while driving today and I yawned - Fantastic but I had to turn on a White Stripes album to keep alert!
  • Suffer through
  • I heard The Oh Of Pleasure in GTA IV and had to track it down. Not a hard task given the Zit! function, but it was all worth it. Thoroughly enjoying Deep Breakfast.
  • celestial soda pop was what i listened to when i was about 5 years old and i still love it

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