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Good Old Boys
Randy Newman

Good Old Boys

Elenco dei brani


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  • rating 8.5/10
  • Really beautiful stuff.
  • I first heard this album at age 12. It shaped my appreciation of music and history more than most anything else. [2] Me too!
  • yeah, unbelievably good. contains about six or seven of my absolute favorites - especially the rather unassuming "wedding in cherokee county". this and "land of dreams" could keep me happy for a long time
  • I first heard this album at age 12. It shaped my appreciation of music and history more than most anything else. Newman is nothing short of brilliant (even with all those Disney songs).
  • One of my desert island disks. Newman's a lyrical genius. No one can write 'em like he can.
  • definitely one of the greatest albums of all time. interesting, HuskerMe, i didn't know he originally wanted to have crossfade and dialogues -- very thankful he didn't do that, as it would've ruined the album's beautiful understatement.
  • completely brilliant. the whole thing. kinda glad he didn't do it the way he initially intended to (with the sound crossfades and dialog). brilliant all around forever one of my favorites, his best and one of the best ever, period.
  • The first side of this album is, I think, the pinnacle of Newman's work. (The second side, wonderful as it is, is something of a letdown after the otherworldly greatness of the first--even if Rollin' is a nearly perfect closer.) Speaking through a single character through a suite of songs seems to have brought to the fore some of the generosity of spirit that Randy typically buries behind layers of satire and nasty irony. Oh, the provocation is still there, though (just look to the boasting and bigotry that mark the first half of "Rednecks"). But extended work with a single character forces Newman to deal with a character as something other than a mouthpiece for a point of view with which he disagrees; it forces him to deal with a person, a person deserving evocations of his environment ("Birmingham") and explorations of his psychology ("Marie" and "Mr. President"). And what does that amount to? Perfect songs about an imperfect person, and a staggering achievement.
  • get it streamable!!

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