• 3.5 weeks in - Better late than never...

    Feb 22 2007, 13:34 di psibreaker

    This should've 'aired' on Monday, but I've been busy, with work and looking after a sick girlfriend. Anyhow, on account of listening to a lot of comedy last week, the charts looked like this.

    'Top Three' Artists of last week:

    • Joint first place – Tenacious D and Nine Inch Nails! I like Jack Black, and having just watched Nacho Libre, in which he plays an all singing all wrestling priest, TD got a lot of air play last week. But then Nine Inch Nails did too, because I find it nigh impossible to skip NIN tracks...
    • Third place - Beatallica I didn't realise I'd listened to them quite that much, but there you go. The covers band that mixes Beatles covers with Metallica covers, mostly by warping the former into a style practiced by the latter...

    'Top Three' Artists overall:

    Three clear positions this time.

    • First place - Nine Inch Nails - nice one!

    • Second place - Pitchshifter - knocking Rage Against the Machine down!