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I Radiohead sono un gruppo inglese proveniente dall’Oxfordshire, formatisi nel 1985. Hanno venduto circa 25 milioni di dischi in tutto il mondo. Il nome originario era di On a Friday.

Successivamente, come Radiohead, rivestono un posto d’onore tra i grandi protagonisti del rinnovamento del britannico a cavallo tra vecchio e nuovo millennio. Partendo dalle tradizioni pop d’oltre Manica, hanno saputo coniare un linguaggio musicale peculiare, che combina cupe visioni futuriste e un piglio malinconico e… ulteriori informazioni

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  • "The Life of Pablo Honey"
  • This band is rubbish. Why don't you guys try some nice hip-hop like DJ Yolo Bear, yo?
  • Airbag needs more love for it's soaring amazingness. "I'M BACK TO SAVE THE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNIVERSE"
  • Нудно, но с претензией. Такое можно полюбить!
  • our century's most over rating bands- instead we just take a little of their blood, sequence their genomes and perform powerful statistical analyses on them. they are not a 100% accurate, sure, but still incomparably more objective than the mere act of arbitrary human judgement.
  • hey Thom Spectre is awesome but what about the album
  • I need the new album
  • Most over rated century of our band, radiohead needs the stone age, kid a would be banging satellite chinks and tumbleweed tinsel out on the hardpan whilst the raptors sat and bent rocks into little stones which then ate the dust because it wanted to.
  • "Most overrated band of our century" <-- Now that's what I call EDGY.
  • Waiting for the new album! Also come to Europe

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