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  • Probably favorite off The Bends, along with Planet Telex and (Nice Dream).
  • Some of Thom's best vocals in my opinion.
  • perfection
  • Great Song
  • But no it really does sound like u2
  • "sounds like U2" - No. Just NO. Take that statement and lube it up. Lube it up real good. Now find a friend, any friend will do. Hand him this statement. Tell him to walk 10 paces backwards. Now, while that statement is pointing forwards, your friend needs to RUN. RUN LIKE THE WIND. RUN UNTIL THAT STATEMENT IS SHOVED SO FAR UP YOUR ARSE THAT YOU CAN TASTE BONO'S SWEATY BALLS.
  • love it like no other
  • Probably my least favourite track on The Bends, but that doesn't make it a bad song at all.
  • I don't get people who are shitty about Radiohead. Probably one of the best bands of the 90s. I can't really think of a whole lot else that stuck around. I think people who talk trash probably just hate them because they got popular.
  • i think 'the bends' is the weakest on the bends. i like 'just' a lot.
  • Dat Bass!
  • He sounds like Brandon Flowers in this one
  • Good song
  • don't like 'bones' it sound like it belongs on Pablo honey
  • sounds like U2
  • I actually think this is the best track on the album (behind (Nice Dream)).
  • so underrated. very good song. outstanding of The Bends
  • The feel.
  • Love the intro to this song. The bass in Radiohead's music deserves more love.
  • everything U2 isn't
  • amazing just
  • The weakest is Black Star. Sulk is just amazing.
  • I think the weakest is Bullet Proof...
  • radiohead so good all...
  • you cant use the word weak and "the bends" in the same sentence...
  • No weakest on this album
  • Weakest song on the album.
  • One Of Most Underrated Amazing Songs The Last Scream Of Pablo Honey =)
  • One of the best on The Bends without a doubt. Excellent penultimate track, perfectly placed behind Street Spirit.
  • ...and those guitars swirling around your head through the whole thing.
  • Thom, you are a God among men!
  • Saying this is the weak track on The Bends is kinda like talking about the smallest piece of a chocolate cake. Sure it's maybe not what you would ask for first, but goddamn it's still chocolate cake!
  • Fantastic vocal performance towards the end there...
  • i love this...
  • Thom doesn't sing like this anymore. hm :-/ Still luv course and enjoy his progressions... timeless and enduring. :-)
  • this sounds great with the Bose Speakers cranked all the way up! : )
  • this literally makes my heart hurt [2]
  • this literally makes my heart hurt
  • I don't get into the Radioheads but this track has stopped me in my tracks. Love its mellow drawn out riffs.
  • ohh man really, can't we just pretend this doesn't exist? ;p
  • Aside from the guitar bridge, I really dislike this song. Probably the second worst Radiohead song behind Pop Is Dead.
  • Yeah, it's a great song, but I just can't love it as much as the others. So, I guess that makes it the weak link on The Bends for me...
  • One of Radiohead's best choruses.
  • I have a friend that says coldplay is better than Radiohead...I almost thought I was going to have to duel her to the death ;)
  • Sometimes you suuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllkkkkk, sometimes you burrrrrnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this song gives me the best feeling in the world. thank god for thom yorke. <3
  • such a great song. :D Thom Yorke has the best voice ever. I love him so much for that. <3
  • It's very beautiful :O


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