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I Quiet Riot erano un gruppo Heavy Metal formato a Los Angeles nel 1975 fondato da Randy Rhoads e Kelly Garni.

Il gruppo esordì nel 1975 pubblicando i primi due album nel 1977 e 1978. Questi però non ebbero un grande successo anche perché pubblicati solo in Giappone. Randy Rhoads, abbandonò il gruppo per entrare nel nuovo progetto solista di Ozzy Osbourne, ed il gruppo si sciolse poco dopo. Rhoads conquistò un enorme…

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  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • the new album is pretty good actually, could be a little bit better in the production area, but it's a pretty decent hard rock/heavy metal mini-album. Who cares if they don't have any original members, there are no original members because 2 of them are dead and the other 2 (bass player and drummer from the late 70's) probably didn't care enough about QR....
  • They should break up now. Don't get me wrong, I do love quiet riot but when Kevin dubrow died the true quiet did too. Napalm death gets away with having no original members but that's because they can still put out great consistent material
  • It's well known. Quiet Riot did some great singles and had one amazing guitarist, but their albums are some of the most commercials of the time, not saying it's bad because of that, but the songwriting is quite boring for most tracks. When a band's greatest hit is a cover, don't expect a lot...
  • <333333
  • Well, just got the new album and it sound like a bunch of demos. Very poorly produced and recorded. The live tracks are pretty rough too, but you'd expect that. No excuse on the new tracks.
  • Is anybody listening to the new album with Jizzy Pearl that was released at the end of June?
  • Good stuff! It's so cool that their Metal Health album beat Michael Jackson's Thriller! Take that, Jacko! :P
  • Классная группа

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