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  • Avatar di zeppelinmisfit
    I used to lament the fact that I wasn't alive when bands like The Beatles or Zeppelin were making music. Now, I'm just thankful to inhabit the same era as Punch Brothers. Finally, a band my generation can be proud to claim! Easily some of the most talented and innovative musicians making music today.
  • Avatar di Rippedgeek
    Just phenomenal - I only discovered these guys a couple of weeks ago and have since bought all of their albums. Now I want more... and more like them. (Now if only Ray Lamontagne would only return to his roots and get off of the psychedelic brit-pop bandwagon. :'( )
  • Avatar di Stokka
    The new EP is wonderful.
  • Avatar di borkegirard
    v nice
  • Avatar di kauedurantii
  • Avatar di shadrach_451
    'The Phosphorescent Blues' is shockingly good. I doubt there is a person on the planet that couldn't find something they love about a song like "My Oh My". They sell their passions with their talent, and the results are gold.
  • Avatar di blakeandcamp
    Man this album is incredible.
  • Avatar di killmoms
    "Familiarity" is blowing my mind more and more with each listen. Now if only I could puzzle out a couple of the more elusive lyrics…
  • Avatar di celexicdream
    The Phosphorescent Blues is a winner. So glad they included their rendition of Claude Debussy's Passepied. Gorgeous new album.
  • Avatar di jaydodge
    screams loudly THE NEW SONG IS SO GOOD

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