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Gli Psycroptic sono una Technical/Brutal Death Metal Band australiana sotto etichetta "Neurotic Records". Sono stati fondati nel 1999 dai fratelli Haley con il nome "Disseminate". Con questo nome i fratelli Haley incisero solo una demo nel 1998, dopodiché fondarono gli Psycroptic, la cui formazione vedeva Dave Haley alla batteria, il fratello Joe alla chitarra, Cameron Grant al basso e Matthew Chalk alla voce. La formazione…

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  • Wanna hear something better? Beware the thall...
  • also wtf is up with the vocals on this new album, complete trash
  • this band lost it after Symbols of Failure
  • I fucking love these guys. Professorship of rhetoric and guitar riffing.
  • V Yep, another case of interesting songwriting and generally talented music being drowned in brickwalled sound production killing any unique sound in the mix... shame, really.
  • I agree with dude below about "raw". What's up with the mix?! It's anemic, and sounds like the treble was totally rolled off. I hate how lacking dynamics and the wall of sound equates to "raw" these days. That said, musically, it's fucking rad, and another killer Psycroptic offering! Groovy and addictive as fuck. Very concise songs for them as well. I actually like the vocals a lot (which is a first for me and Psycroptic). Definitely my favorite of theirs in a few albums.
  • for the new album, its kind of "rings of saturn" doing technical death, i dont understand how could they do such a bad album after a great album "inherited repression". to me their worst effort ever
  • New album is bad ASS!
  • The grooviness of the new album is over 9.000 <3
  • New album's pretty intresting. One of their best efforts, IMO

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