• Live Music for the New Year

    Gen 3 2007, 23:18 di ubergavin

    In my area, and many other places in the USA, there is an event that occurs on New Year's Eve called First Night. It is a non-alcoholic celebration of the New Year with music and dance performances by area artists. I have been to every single First Night St. Johnsbury that has ever happened (this is the 14th).

    This year, I only saw two shows: The first was Prydein. Prydein is a Celtic Rock band that I have seen live many times. It is fronted by Iain MacHarg who is the pipe major of one of the bagpipe bands in Vermont. They put on a very good live show and I would recommend that anyone who gets the chance should try to catch them live. Prydein does not have any music to sample on last.fm, but they do have a few songs free to download from download.com.

    The other show I went to see this year was The Nobby Reed Project. Nobby Reed is a Vermont guitar player from the Burlington area who is easily the best guitarist I have ever seen. The Nobby Reed Project plays mostly blues, which is normally not my favourite type of music…