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I Protest The Hero (o abbreviato in PTH) sono un gruppo Progressive Metal/Mathcore nato nel 1999 nell'Ontario (Canada), e inizalmente si chiamavano Happy Go Lucky. Il gruppo è formato da Rody Walker (voce), Tim Millar (voce, chitarra), Luke Hoskin (chitarra), Morgan "Moe" Carlson (batteria) e Arif Mirabdolbaghi (basso), e il gruppo nacque quando i componenti avevano solo 14 anni. Nel 2002 pubblicarono la Demo "Search for the Truth" e nel 2003 l'EP "A Calculated Use of Sound" con la… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di Phazix
    InTheOrchard: yep. I can play all 4 albums back to back and not skip a song. They do have a few songs that are kinda weak but I enjoy every single one of them, can't say that many metal bands.
  • Avatar di InTheOrchard
    I haven't heard Pacific Myth but it's crazy that they're four albums in and every single track is dope. Every single one, man.
  • Avatar di smlinarcik
    I enjoyed all of Pacific Myth, but Harbinger and Caravan are where they really hit their groove. Both feel entirely unforced yet incredibly progressive.
  • Avatar di pg666donegan
    Pacific Myth is cool, but it isn't as good as any of their previous full albums.
  • Avatar di Brandon_Exylum
    Volition > Fortress > Kezia > Scurrilous > Pacific Myth. Always the mark of a great band to see such diverse album heirarchies.
  • Avatar di KFLester
    Volition > Fortress > Pacific Myth > Scurrilous > Kezia. eat my hair
  • Avatar di Sin_Materi
  • Avatar di InformedHat
    Wow, Caravan might be one of their best songs. Like top 3 type of shit. Everything about the song blew me away.
  • Avatar di WolfgangMax
    How can you be so amazing guys?!
  • Avatar di KFLester
    Oh my God, the lyrics to Caravan... I was already blown away by Tilting Against Windmills, but this is a whole nother level of delicious satire of SJW rhetoric. I hope eventually we can live in a world where they can just say what they think instead of hiding it in coded messages, but until then... Game on, PTH, I got a med kit for ya when you wipe.

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