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I Protest The Hero (o abbreviato in PTH) sono un gruppo Progressive Metal/Mathcore nato nel 1999 nell'Ontario (Canada), e inizalmente si chiamavano Happy Go Lucky. Il gruppo è formato da Rody Walker (voce), Tim Millar (voce, chitarra), Luke Hoskin (chitarra), Morgan "Moe" Carlson (batteria) e Arif Mirabdolbaghi (basso), e il gruppo nacque quando i componenti avevano solo 14 anni. Nel 2002 pubblicarono la Demo "Search for the Truth" e nel 2003 l'EP "A Calculated Use of Sound" con la… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Perhaps the best band of all time. Well, they're up there.
  • This new EP sounds pretty awesome. It is the Protest the Hero we love, but is also a step further
  • last dot fm is a dead web site, and cataract is a good music song
  • real talk i think the subscription thing theyre doing is very interesting. in this age of non-physical media and easily available free/ad-supported streaming you gotta throw shit at the wall and see what sticks when it comes to delivering a product that people will want to pay money for
  • cold water is pretty good.... for a song, that dwells in tumblr non sense, i mean.......
  • Just found out about these guys. Scurrilous is legit one of the best albums I've ever heard. Wish their other albums were more like that, although they're still pretty good.
  • Yeah. I think so too, but do they have to tease so much? :D
  • I think they will release Pacific Myth in physical form someday.
  • Fuck this digital shit... I want to hold a real record in my hands. Not buying any subscription to some loony digital service. I'd really like to support these guys finacially by buying their music, like I did with the three previous albums. But no Vinyl/Disc, no money. Simple as that. Though the previews of Tidal, Ragged Tooth and Cold Water are promising.
  • whats this about a remastered kezia

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