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  • POWER.mp3
  • This song is just[url=].[/url]greeaat[url=].[/url]
  • ...of course, Rob is a vegan, so I think the traditional meal would be out of he equation.
  • @ ocrush77, damn I would love to be at that one. \m/
  • One of the greatest songs ever!
  • Genetic talent...............................
  • Wonder what it's like at Thanksgiving dinner with Rob Zombie and him?
  • Yeah ╚(•⌂•)╝
  • <<one of those songs
  • Back when music was actually GOOD!!! What the fuck happened to Metal? Its all screaming BS bout ex gfs n shit. -_-
  • +1 to Tony Hawks on PS1 :D Introduced me to this band ! Awesome song!
  • Glad WWE introduced me to an awesome band like this (y)
  • Great song! Brings back memories \m/
  • Awesome song, album, and band. \m/
  • awsome some rock on
  • crazy \,,/
  • Love it!
  • omg.. Tony Hawk on PS1.. get in my pie!!!!!
  • shout out to cage9!!
  • loving this band
  • when worlds do collide!
  • NOSTALGIA. I didn`t hear this song because of wrestling or some lame Tony Hawk game, I heard this song because my dad listened to epic music. \m/
  • Tony Hawks?
  • @second-life : yeah dude ! good memories :')
  • Ah, it was thps 2. Cool game back then. Wasn't it also that one with Guerilla Radio by Rage?
  • Rob Zomb's yunger broseph
  • Matt Hoffmans pro bmx!
  • Exponentially better than Powerman 4999. :)
  • tony hawk's woohoo
  • THPS2!!! It's cool to see everybody with (almost) the same ages in this shoutbox just for THPS2.
  • thps 2 fuck yeeeahhhhhhh. [4]
  • First song I ever liked. I mean, first song EVER that I actually liked.
  • Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater, wuey.
  • Maybe it was 2....
  • YEAH THPS....3...... I think.....
  • I remember this from Tony Hawk...sorry losers, wrestling is fake, except for the falls.. also, this is from Little Nicky.
  • wow this is an old one back when me and my girls were like the female jackass lol we got kicked out of a pool hall for moshing to this lol
  • thps 2 fuck yeeeahhhhhhh. [3]
  • I love how the younger dudes just know some songs from video games :)
  • this was on the original SD VS RAW
  • This was on smackdown vs raw something :) Awesome song
  • thps 2 fuck yeeeahhhhhhh. [2]
  • Mad as
  • sublime, fucking awesome, unbelievably amazing.... ok, just good enuff
  • sick into
  • cant get enough of it
  • sometimes i put this cd on repeat and let it play...
  • thps 2 fuck yeeeahhhhhhh.
  • I know the whole song by heart because of thps 2 [4]


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