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  • Avatar di Jamesismynamo
    i thought they fixed this manually, what happened
  • Avatar di Bongair
    Problem is, it's changed all my old scrobbles to Portico not just ones I scrobble from now on. I've never seen that happen before.
  • Avatar di BooshkiLaga
    go to your settings and go under the website tab. untick the box that says to auto correct your scrobbling data. it should fix this whole mess between portico and portico quartet.
  • Avatar di Bongair
    So, apparently I've never scrobbled this band before >:( What bullshit is with this changing it all to 'Portico'.
  • Avatar di kosinski_
    WTF, only the last album was released as "Portico", the previous 4 were released as "Portico Quartet", so stop bullsh*tting me about that "no redirect" stuff. The artist name IS correct.
  • Avatar di TheBlackRaven87
    "Portico Quartet - hang drum = Portico" Yeah but I'm listening to the album "Isla" and that was still WITH the hang drum, so it's kinda crap it gets auto-corrected to "Portico". They may not be a quartet anymore but they should've left it still scrobbable as "Portico Quartet" when you listen to the albums where they were a quartet...
  • Avatar di taralezh
    Nice new sound, but we really miss the hang drum and the jazzy melodies :/
  • Avatar di Namedieh
    Well, from the samples I heard you may put it this way: PQ - jazz = Portico. Which is sad. [4]
  • Avatar di BrokenSignals
    So is everyone's tracks scrobbling as Portico? I see some "listening now" scrobbling as Portico Quartet. I've been listening to them since Dec 29 and all the tracks have scrobbled as Portico. However, none of this band's information has moved to the Portico page.
  • Avatar di Chris_Gamgee
    Well, from the samples I heard you may put it this way: PQ - jazz = Portico. Which is sad. [3]

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