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  • >classic rock
  • These 3 songs in a row on the album!
  • Hey, there's you, with placid eyes, oblivious to what's to come...
  • [This track title is WRONG] No it's not. [2]
  • emotions,emotions,emotions...
  • Red much? Steve is terrible at hiding his influences.
  • love this little song... :)
  • [This track title is WRONG] No its not.
  • Nice acoustic guitar sound quality.
  • Muy corta la canción pero maravillosa :)
  • This track title is WRONG. it should read III - Great Expectations or The Incident III - Great Expectations. Please update your track titles and make a better place. Thank you
  • Definitely see the King Crimson influence here. [2]
  • Definitely see the King Crimson influence here. Nonetheless, a very awesome but short track.
  • This song should have been combined with "Kneel and Disconnect" and expanded. Both are too good to fade out so quickly.
  • great song a la king crimson
  • I, too, would have loved if this song were longer, though I applaud the excellent segue into the much mellower "Kneel and Disconnect."
  • I wet my house
  • great ;)
  • Beautiful.
  • 0:24 - 0:41 = Red (King Crimson) intro ?!!!!
  • david, if you're going to complain about the length of a track, knowing that this ain't one of PT's regular albums ( T.I. is a concept album ) then, it's really hard for me to make you understand the idea behind a short song.. anyway, i'm glad you made me laugh... ''again''
  • I love this part...
  • fuck. I love this little gem. [2]
  • well it is natural for people to desire this song to be longer, because most of the other ones in the album are mediocre hehe
  • short songs are much more special than long songs. [2] <3
  • did any1 ask pink floyd ''why so fuckin short?'' when they made their tracks on the wall?? you guys make me laugh
  • of course King crimson's soun. or better same riff of Red
  • Awesome song, sound like King Crimson's Red anyway xD
  • short songs are much more special than long songs.
  • Why so fucking short? [4]
  • gabrielgeorg: Exactly. Makes you wonder whether some people have learned anything at all about respecting the album as a format, especially when it's Porcupine Tree.
  • To all the complainants moaning that the song is too short: Can't you read? Or can't you hear the whole album in one piece? The thing about "The incident" is, that you can not really listen to the songs standing alone (except maybe a few). The Incident is one big piece of music. Like it was said before, the songs perfectly flow into each other making it one big work of art.
  • Why so fucking short? [3]
  • it fits perfect with kneel and disconnect.. listen to them both as one song... its supposd to be heard that way guys!
  • Aaaah! Indeed too short!
  • In my opinion the songtitle and de guitarsolo in the parts 0:24-0:43 and 1:07-1:26 match so well. I wonder why.. Anyway, great title, great music, great match.
  • Love the singing on this part of The of the best Wilson's performances ever.
  • It is not too short, at least if you count it as a part in the big Incidident. It flows flawlessly into Kneel and disconnect! Really love this song!
  • fuck. I love this little gem.
  • Too Short
  • In garlands
  • Fuuuuck, I wish this song was longer, it had the potential to be something like Even Less
  • RED ftw. :D
  • King Crimson is everywhere.
  • Despite its function as an interlude (that is very well done. fits perfectly). It offers much more. This is not something to just pass by.
  • some guitars sound like King Crimson's Red :) [2]
  • In spite of being too short, it's one of the best songs from The Incident. [6]]
  • Why so fucking short?
  • In spite of being too short, it's one of the best songs from The Incident. [5]


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