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Black-Eyed (3:44)

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  • Condensed dictation of one's life history during a therapy session. Times up! See you next week!
  • good times
  • I was never loyal except to my own pleasure zone
  • you guys are soo cool stating lyrics..omg
  • i'm forever bkack-eyed, a product of a broken home.
  • siempre digo lo mismo, esti grupo me igual que su voz Bian, junto la guitarra de Stefan......
  • I was never one to trust
  • Classy... An awesome track...
  • EMO existed in the year 2000?
  • love placebo xx
  • Did he just say "balls"?
  • This is why I will always love Placebo.
  • As "emo" as the lyrics may be, this a a fucking great track.
  • omg. this song. D:
  • i was never faithful and i was never want to trust
  • "I'm forever blackeyed, a product of a broken home..." was just thinking about this song and it came up :')
  • OMG!!!! My life passing by listening to this one....:-(
  • Отлично! Воздух!!!
  • <33333333333333333
  • i usually love not viewing bands as i hear them, but these guys are so strangly interesting.
  • go now .................
  • this and haemoglobin the best two tracks on the album
  • nice
  • <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 That's it.
  • black guy
  • I'm forever black-eyed! ♥
  • borderlinig schizo and guaranteed to cause a fuss. Love.
  • Well, here it goes: Best Song Ever!
  • just a sigh
  • no words to describe how i love this song
  • <3
  • truly brilliant band
  • i like anyone who can get gigs in beirut
  • nicely written
  • bears
  • ...Essa música tem tudo haver comigo! (i'm forever black eyed, a product of a broken home)...
  • i'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home <3
  • definitely in the top-three of my favorite 90's-songs! Incredible lyrics! What a treat - even 10 years later!
  • ENGEL&JOE <3
  • so good!
  • so much truth in the lyrics (apart from the fact that a 'broken home' is not necessarily needed...)
  • @Karen, this is a song from the movie "sorry", as long as i know :-)
  • this song is the soundtrack from a german movie. does anybody know the name of the movie? would like to see it :)
  • I like all versions xD This song is awesome <3
  • Yes glaznya.That version is perfect.Actually all the songs sound better in that version.I strongly reccommend it
  • listen to the Live at Angkor Wat version <3
  • awesome
  • oh my....Love
  • I was never loyal, except to my own pleasure zone...
  • black-eyed!!!!!yeah,great song,especially live on stage:)


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