• Pink - Funhouse

    Nov 5 2008, 11:13 di ValsLastStand

    So it's been awhile since I've reviewed an artist and who better to kick off a long awaited wait other than Pink. Now I've been a fan of the bad girl pop sensation (and I know how she hates to be compared to 'pop' music...but hey, who can deny it?). The first release, So What, made me a little worried that this was going to be another cd full of music that doesn't really make you think but only bob your head. However, the music tracks suprised me a bit having more slower tracks that are more heartfelt than the screaming music that I thought...without further adu, here's the tops and the lows of the cd Funhouse:

    5 stars:
    Sober: Still has Pink written all over it, but the music and lyrics hit hard and keeps playing in the back of your head with our without your Ipod playing the song. Great meaning, Great beat.
    I Don't Believe You: Love this song. Something I got addicted to when I was on a tram alone watching people passing by - Great heartache song.