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  • If anyone could hook up a brotha with 'Axes to Ice' I will love you till the end of your days.
  • @willenssmacht: try listening flesh that moves ,negate of want, and do it. you'll know that clara dont sing in cacophoney only
  • once reviewed em on a forum,and then got kim chee herself chatted me,damn its surprised me of how friendly and low profile she is. Love the new project Akuyou, still bear the same aura of pineal ventana. A great band,truly underrated,greatly overlooked. is it because there's too many bands in the 90s?
  • Nicely done! :)
  • I know what "misogyny" means, which is why I am left befuddled by your bringing it up. If you are trying to say you have some kind of gender issue, then I wish you luck in figuring it out. May I suggest that instead of projecting it to the outside world, you begin looking inwardly. That's always the best way to start! As for my comment, it was cynical--unfair at best--and, as much as one man's opinion is worth something when measured against countless others, I stand by it. Good luck!
  • I'm pretty fond of Clara's vocals, along with plenty of male singers with screechy vocals, but good job being a misogynist, there, Willensmacht.
  • I listened the "axes to ice" and absolutely it is unique in composition. the repetitive violence is so transformative for the melody structure that it is perversion at the end.
  • Another band with otherwise decent music ruined by the female rock vocalist gimmick. Screechy, corny, and off key does not a singer make, even if it's a girl.

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