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Piano Magic è un gruppo musicale inglese formatosi a Londra nell'estate del 1997. Gli artisti che lo compongono sono Glen Johnson, Dominic Chennell e Dick Rance. La musica di Piano Magic si muove tra atmosfere oscure new wave e delicatezze acustiche, più massiccio l'uso di elettronica in album come Disaffected, tra i migliori album vanno segnalati: Disaffected, The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic, Part Monster e Ovations (quest'ultimo con la collaborazione di due ex membri dei Dead Can Dance). Della… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di Hien-divided
    Glen: "It will definitely be the last album. After "Life Hasn't Finish With Me Yet", I really thought we should hang up our guitars and call it a day but since then more and more I've thought it's not the album I want us to end on. So we're going to try and write a better one. We might not succeed but I feel we've left a pretty strong legacy even if we don't. Whether we actually play the concerts in 2016 or beyond, I don't know. We have pretty much settled down into other lives now so it's going to take some hard work to become a band again but we're going to give it a stab." Yeah, I think that's it. I can't fully understand why he wants to give up Piano Magic forever but he's doing it and the next album is final. Because of this, I have very mixed feelings about this new release. I mean, as long as there's no "Closure", there's Piano Magic.
  • Avatar di Lucyfier
    " Bad: according to Glen Johnson, it will be their final" ... But, why ? =(
  • Avatar di Sturmlied
    Those tags are so inaccurate
  • Avatar di alexandehn
    aqui de onde venho isso se chama FUDEROSO!
  • Avatar di WoolyMoth
    A New Album for 2016 !!! I Say Yessssssssssssssssss
  • Avatar di zuzjowa
    I feel a special kind of fluids with them.
  • Avatar di Hien-divided
    Good/bad news everyone. Good: PM will release a new album "Closure" (working title) in 2016. Bad: according to Glen Johnson, it will be their final.
  • Avatar di dramatist
    I adore them
  • Avatar di VanderWaals
    I have my heart broken right now.
  • Avatar di fancyfootwork80
    disbanded? when? why?

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