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  • Avatar di OrcishFury
    Sooo many fond childhood memories<3
  • Avatar di md1023
    Thank you very much for Time Commando music. It brings me good emotions and inspiration. 15 years ago it brought me a lot of fun and now it works like time machine.
  • Avatar di V1011215
    I love his work in LBA. Simply amazing.
  • Avatar di shatungra
    damn, LBA2 is one of my favourite games ever, and i adore the soundtrack. can anybody be kind enough and give a link to download it ?
  • Avatar di nadch
    Little Big Adventure 2 is still my favorite adventure game of all time. And the music is amazing!
  • Avatar di luizhenrique9
  • Avatar di HeavenTaichou
    Alone in the dark <3
  • Avatar di DemonMax
    Hey.. people forgot that LBA it's good, but it ain't the only. I prefer his work in Time Commando, i guess it's a bit less played game, but... well, there's nothing like it, i simply love both tracks (they need a name). Well... maybe sounds like depeche mode, but defintly lovely anyway.
  • Avatar di NonchalantX
    LBA 1 and 2, some of the greatest games ever and the music is second to none ;D
  • Avatar di Korlus
    I do love LBA's music, and I've also always wanted to hear an actual orchestra playing it. Ideally with my in the crowd, watching. Still, as games go, it's pretty much a "cult classic", as there aren't all that many people nowadays who have even heard it, let alone played it, or remember the music.

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