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Oh, I learned a lesson from the twentieth century
That I don't think we can just dismiss
After one hundred years of inhumanity
The lesson that I learned was this

Testo di Pet Shop Boys - Twentieth Century


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  • Agree with what people wrote 4 years ago. Not a filler in the least in my mind.
  • it's a fantastic song. If normal song could be as good as this "filler", it would be amazing
  • This was considered FILLER? Travesty! My second fav on Fundamental.
  • Chris was right, this is a filler.....
  • Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem [2]
  • Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem
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  • i already knew nearly all the song of the album but there's maybe one or two songs i never heard. The first time i heard twentieth century, i was very happy because i felt it was such an amazing song. i knew i'll have to play it many times, and it's one of my favorite song , and i think neil love this song but not chris. I find it a shame chris said it was the weakest, while it's one of the best, so romantic, intelligent lyrics, beautiful melody, amazind sound !

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