• My best trance hits (top 150)

    Giu 15 2008, 12:00 di MiTcX

    Here is my top Trance music list (classic/progressive/vocal/dream Trance, Goa,...).

    Ok, i miss some tracks, but I'll add them if/when I remember.

    Ok2, hu ? is there any wrong titles here ? Oh, maybe ! (correct me)

    Ok3, ah..... ok, i put some sounds like dance groups here...yeah but with a more trance remix it would be excellent !

    (*) The first track s a sound from a trance mix. I don't remember the title nor the artist, please, if you know this music (min 39 to 43), send me a message !!! It's an amazing track !

    1. http://webfractales.free.fr/vrac/music/dewplayer.swf?mp3=aMix_special_Trance_de_Max.mp3&autoplay=1&autoreplay=1&volume=70 (*)
    2. William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings
    3. Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar
    4. Moby - Go !
    5. Astral Projection - Mahadeva
    6. Legend B - Lost in Love
    7. Gouryella - Walhalla
    8. Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound of Goodbye
    9. Delirium - Silence
    10. Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Funland

    Mag 16 2008, 10:01 di Addicted2Melody


    Ok, so let's imagine someone new to trance, the type of person I euphemistically describe as the "outsider", has stumbled across PART 1 of this trance journal. They may now understand a bit better how trance works. Hopefully, it's dispelled a few myths. They may even be interested in giving the genre a try. But where the hell do you begin? While the concept is growing year on year within trance, the genre itself is not really based around the idea of the "artist album", so it's not just a case of getting a list of "reputable" trance producers and downloading their albums. Nor do I think it's enough to get one of the countless "best of" compilations that are released year on year as, despite the obvious stuff, they'll probably be missing material that has never entered the mainstream or been picked up on by the larger, compilation pushing labels. …
  • my top 50 last week

    Ott 12 2007, 2:18 di holyct

  • Trancepuffing

    Feb 7 2007, 5:58 di Vandertimmah

    "Ugh!!" After a long day of repetitive repeating scenarios of sobriety! Coming home, slamming the door, throwing my shoes at the floor and blasting my Trance as loud as my ears can consume. I jump into the driver seat of my musical machine and push it to red line. My super highway of live streaming mental stimulating lyrically lacking luscious trance... Grab the pyrex and fall deeply into a relaxing state of barely conscious consciousness... It's perfect. My ears and lungs, they both fill with perfection. My mind wanders into the vastness of wondering and complexities of reality, thoughts and notions, theories and possibilities all at once pushing for more. Ears ringing, lips tingling, I can feel the warmth of the acoustically flickering pyrex pleasing flame on my face... it sooths all the days stupidity with a gasp and a cough... no longer does it bother. I spin the dial to make my ears ring as loud as my lungs burn. ANd I sIT. Melted into the chair like a forgotten candle. …
  • Trance

    Dic 13 2005, 2:54 di debichu

    I don't know what got me hooked.
    It was like I have been living in a wrong world and then I got slammed in the head with a huge hammer! I woke up!

    It started with a early copy of the german compilation "Future Trance". Didn't know what it was and I thought "why not try something new?". My taste has been evolved since. Back then it was more Dance or Hard Dance as we know it today. Now I know what real trance is. And I love it!

    I especially like:
    Above & Beyond:
    Loved them since their remix of "Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye" and I'm now looking forward to their first album coming in 2006. Got most of their singles and a few livesets. They perform under the alias of Oceanlab where Justine Suissa is performing with her *sweet* vocal!

    Amazing man! Don't know how he does it, but he keep finding that extra something that just gives me the chills in the good way. Got most of his albums including the "Forbidden Paradise" albums…