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Le Perfume (パフューム) sono un gruppo femminile electropop giapponese. Sono formate da Ayano Omoto (大本 彩乃, 2/10/1988), Yuka Kashino (樫野 有香, 23/12/1988) e Ayaka Nishiwaki (西脇 綾香, 15/02/1989), tutte e tre provenienti da Hiroshima e conosciute rispettivamente con i soprannomi di Nocchi (のっち), Kashiyuka (かしゆか) ed A~chan (あ~ちゃん).

Partite come comuni idol, sono diventate a partire dalla fine degli anni 2000 fra le artiste…

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  • I'm Moving Forward
  • These girls are just too good. New favourite J-Pop band!
  • staru trêin
  • Star Train I'm not sure what to think of. I do quite like it but it's not really what I'd expect from Perfume. Pick Me Up is still really good in my opinion though, and I enjoyed Cling Cling quite a bit, plus I still think LEVEL3 is their second best album after Triangle. Because of this I still have hope for their next album to be great.
  • v You should get your eyes poked out with a spoon for being sucha dislexic mess! I said those saying this is the goodbye (final single) song! you tard thing !!!! I <3 u
  • I love STAR TRAIN...cut my fingers off and I'll.......kick you
  • The whole STAR TRAIN ep is so... NEXT! and those saying this is their goodbye song should have their fingers chopped off for typing such a horrible thing
  • Their songs are bcoming more emotional, I like this new era.
  • Star Train was awesome, the last two albuns wasn't that great for me, but Pick me Up and Star Train really got my attention back. Lol, Star Train reminded me Coldplay too, I thought that I wouldn't like for the preview.
  • Star Train sounds like a goodbye song...well the video looks like it *feels*. Hope not

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