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Sirius (6:50)

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  • I like how this ends the same exact way as Motherfucker=Redeemer. I really do.
  • Greatness...
  • good band awful drummer!
  • <333
  • Soundgarden-ish?
  • Many people seem to bitch about the drummer. This is beautiful music to my ears.
  • Does anyone know where I can get a hold of the video they posted a while ago (maybe last year or two years ago?? or more?) on their website, of the medical technology simulation that used this song for the soundtrack? DOES ANYONE EVEN REMEMBER/KNOW OF THIS I must have it!!!
  • There is somthing magical about Pelican I have no clue why but I just love laying down outside with some friends and putting a Pelican album on on a little portable boom box and we just sit there its somthing majestic @Strenedor Same wish there were more tabs too
  • tun tururun tun tururun tun tuku tun tutuku tunt tsts tun tsts tun I love the fact of how pelican's drummer sucks, yet it still sounds so good :G And great, beautiful song, I wish there where more pelican tabs out there (too lazy to make them myself, and not good at all when making tabs with low tuned guitars >:(
  • So pretty!
  • The part around 430 is amazing.
  • lol at sour puss hankenfrolz . cheer up man! I'll join your band spiritburns;)
  • Don't bother Drastic, he doesn't even belong here.
  • hey hankenfrolz just b/c something is boring doens't mean it isn't good or beautiful, it took me a while to really appreciate stuff like this so stop being a dick!
  • Gorgeous.
  • that's a spicy meatball!
  • if i should ever start a band, this is the kind of song that i want to play.
  • Wonderful; love the part from 2:00 XQ_
  • Why is this track so bloody amazing?!
  • simply beautiful
  • simply gorgeous
  • simply amazing.

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