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Paula Cole (nata il 5 aprile 1968 a Rockport, Massachusetts) è una cantautrice americana.
Prima di pubblicare album come solista ha lavorato come corista per Peter Gabriel,
Il suo brano "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" ha raggiunto la top ten di Billboard nel 1997 e l'anno successivo ha vinto un Grammy Award come Best New Artist. In italia è nota per il suo brano "I Don't Want To Wait" urtilizzato come sigla di apertura…

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  • Feelin' Love (Psychemagik Reem Mix)
  • If I could sum Paula up these days... Haggard
  • Paula's always been one of those.... "Here talent level is HERE people, so why'd she only end up here...." and I never wanted to believe it was some type of character or personality deficiency but it is. Now she gets to play in front of anywhere from 80 to a max of 200 old people for the rest of her life and career. It's actually too fitting!
  • More quality songs and certainly better than "Raven" but I don't know... personally, I'm so far removed/detached from what she does, at this point... Paula wrote "Courage" (lyrically) to quietly, humbly sound inspired... than "Ithaca" had some exciting moments but just when it seemed she was 'figuring it out'... she gets all... "Oh yeah, I've been oversinging" and now she writes this super subdued... continually depressive drivel. What happened to the exhilaration, the so-called "joy"... I haven't heard any of that on these last 2 records. She's really fizzling out... there's no energy or liveliness... I personally believe she's in an extremely stagnant point in her life and career. It's sad because she has a stunning voice but to hear her keep writing about all these like Proper Noun's...names and cities for lyrics. She should tighten up the song-writing and get more universal and less specific with her words and melodies. I can't stand how specific her writing stop already
  • Really good the new album
  • I'm impressed with "7" :)
  • I hope everyone heard of Paula's new album, "7". If not, please check out: :)
  • 6nb
    I think new record "7" finds her writing the most musically rich, lyrically sophisticated, and finest songs of her career. "New York City" and "Puncture Wound" are my favourite two songs of hers in her whole 20 year career.
  • Dawson's Creek soundtrack ♥
  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut "Harbinger" Paula Cole does a track by track interview of the album. 2 hour long podcast. Its epic! Check it.

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