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  • Avatar di gdcman
    Buckethead (Brian Carrol) grew up in Claremont and sought out PG as an instructor a long time ago. For years here in L.A., the legend was Steve Vai was Buckethead.
  • Avatar di amat_24
    its funny i just thought how this song reminded me of buckethead and im seeing the comments here mentioning him xD
  • Avatar di Matheus_Satch
    1:38 DAMN
  • Avatar di GuitarNote
    This song is so awesome...
  • Avatar di jamierobertward
    Wow... you guys got me thinking of a Gilbert/Bucket album. I don't think I'd be able to handle the awesomeness.
  • Avatar di toy-maker
  • Avatar di FenoFromSky
    Yeah, first thing I thought was, woah that's a very Buckethead name lol, then I listened to it, and have some serious Bucket moments on it. Anyway we all know they are 2 different gods. And they both ROCK! :D
  • Avatar di Bowstring
    Buckethead has a lot of songs with the "X vs. X" syntax. People who say Buckethead and Paul Gilbert are the same person now have more fuel to add to the fire. =D. Anyway, great song.

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