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  • The artistic experience of the great singer Paul Anka about his years of success in Italy is told - with exclusive images - in this link:
  • Ok.. explain it to me. Is it some kind of bug, or Anka made 3580722526 new albums/editions of his albums this year?
  • Send me " we don't have to say the word" by paul anka
  • ★★★wunderschön★★★✿ڿڰۣ
  • Ahahahahaha Rock Swings is very nice!
  • <3
  • And, a fool I'd never be...You're my destiny????!! T,T*
  • you are my destiny?
  • I like covers, but he's a master in music game plans)
  • in which Paul invents teen-pop music!
  • Paul Anka is a legend! God bless him for the beautiful music he sings to us!
  • ANNA ANKA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • ein sehr schönes album
  • The cover of Black Hole Sun is as original as epic. Paul Anka FTW.
  • paul <3
  • 3 Paul Anka's music videos for the italian Cinebox on:;lang=en
  • "All of his songs are original" hahah except when they're covers of other artists. Like the whole "Rock swings" album, for example . My god people, where are your brains...
  • Paul Anka Konseri, Haliç Kongre Merkezi, 14 Kasım 2011, Pazartesi . Detaylı Blgi İçin...[url=][/url]
  • gj
  • Paul Anka is my favorite singer.
  • wow, so many covers on him.. i thought oasis wonderwall is original o_0
  • All of his songs are original I've listened many covers of these songs . Legendary !!!!!
  • You are my destiny ♥
  • ♥___♥
  • ❤ ❤ ❤ Paul Anka ❤ ❤ ❤
  • I can't believe he was only 16 when he sung 'Diana'
  • It's funny that so many songs in the top list are not his!
  • I'm pretty sure when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gets old, he'll look just like Paul Anka looks now!
  • I usually listen to brutal metal but Rock Swings is so amazing!
  • he will be show up in Thailand soon can't wait!!
  • The best!
  • He was a good singer & enjoyed by many back in the 60s during the 'baby boomer' generation. Good to still hear his recordings making the rounds. God bless~!
  • hola, quiero escuchar a paul anka, necesito saber cual es el video de porque te enzañas contra mi señor
  • herrlich entspannend... ich kann gar niht genug davon bekommen...
  • Rock Swings is the greatest thing ever.
  • I adore "Mejor Decir Adios" (in spanglish)) with Céline Dion from his LP "Amigos"! And it seems to me so much better than "It's Hard To Say Goodbye" (english version)...
  • Still love to listen to Anka.... very good.
  • I adore his rock swings!!!
  • Amazing.
  • Love! Love! Love this 'lonely boy' !
  • Amazing!
  • damn, this boy ROX
  • I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I did it MY WAY...
  • Go Anna Anka!
  • Some of his covers are pretty sweet.
  • He comes to South America in August and i can't wait for this show!!
  • Black Hole Sun...Awesome!


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