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I Paradise Lost sono una band doom/gothic metal brittanica, nata ad Halifax nel 1988, ad opera del cantante Nick Holmes e del chitarrista Greg Mackintosh, entrambi appassionati di heavy metal ed innamorati delle sonorità di gruppi come Bauhaus e The Mission, che eserciteranno una forte influenza sul loro modo di comporre.

Dopo l'incisione di diversi demo, la band firma un contratto con la Peaceville per la pubblicazione del…

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  • It's a good thing the EMI-albums (Host & Believe In Nothing) aren't on Hobofy, so I can play my CDs. PS. New live album rules!
  • If the new album is just about surrendering to demands, the demands must have been "make us feel more miserable". It seems like a natural progression to me. The mid-tempo death doom dirges are like reminiscences of the past, while the melodic and somber sounds they developed in later years are still present and entwined within. They've come full circle.
  • Shadows...haunt the night...
  • It's a shame the EMI-albums (Host & Believe In Nothing) aren't on Spotify. Both ranks amongst their best work. [2]
  • It's a shame the EMI-albums (Host & Believe In Nothing) aren't on Spotify. Both ranks amongst their best work.
  • @BrovarSpirytus Century Media was acquired by Sony so a lot of Century Media albums were pulled from Spotify temporarily. It's back on Spotify as of now.
  • What happened to their newest album on spotify?
  • Everyone does that nowadays. "Fuck all the nuance and maturity we gained through the years, let's play MORE METAL!" - This altitude resulted in a huge number of boring releases. In the 2000's the metal bands were searching, experimenting, trying new things. Now every second one of those olders bands tries to prove they are the most trv brvtal thing around and conitues to throw out generic, uninspired stuff, that gets 10/10 reviews because it's HEAVY. Apparently the only real indicator of music's quality.
  • First song I heard from The Plague Within blew me away. Months later I got to hear the new album and am somehow disappointed. Great great songs and mediocre songs, but the real problem is that I just don't hear it as an honest release, more like an album fans demanded from them and they made to follow the current Old School Metal trend.
  • a wczoraj we Wrocku było ZAJEBIŚCIE

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