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I Pantera sono stati un gruppo musicale heavy metal statunitense, originario di Arlington (Texas) e in attività dal 1981 al 2003. Nel corso della loro carriera hanno variato genere: esordirono con un tipico heavy metal tradizionale di stampo statunitense durante gli anni ottanta, per poi orientarsi sul thrash metal e groove metal nel seguente decennio. Il gruppo infatti rappresentò nei primi anni novanta un'evoluzione e modernizzazione del thrash metal, che sarà denominata appunto groove metal o post-thrash. I fondatori dei… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Fuck tolerance!
  • White Power!!! Respect Phil
  • People who whine about political correctness are as annoying as the "sjws" they rant and rave about.
  • Great band but Phil Anselmo is an embarrassment to metal and to humanity in general. [2] I've always loved the band but detached myself from Phil & the completely stupid shit he says. I loved Dime and Vinnie is cool, too!
  • Fuck pc, sjw shit! Anselmo is still more metal than most of pussies whom talked shit about him!
  • Great band but Phil Anselmo is an embarrassment to metal and to humanity in general. [2]
  • Most of these (unts commenting below; came here with their PC jibber-jabber for one reason only, being to whore for attention. Go take your politics and shove it up your already butthurt rear-end... Pussies.
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  • Oh God, all these politically correct pussies. [2]. BTW, Pantera is a total shit, doesn't matter if they're nazi.

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