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I Pantera sono stati un gruppo musicale heavy metal statunitense, originario di Arlington (Texas) e in attività dal 1981 al 2003. Nel corso della loro carriera hanno variato genere: esordirono con un tipico heavy metal tradizionale di stampo statunitense durante gli anni ottanta, per poi orientarsi sul thrash metal e groove metal nel seguente decennio. Il gruppo infatti rappresentò nei primi anni novanta un'evoluzione e…

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  • Every loser on here complaining about this band is more fixated on looks and lyrics then music. They went heavy carving their own path that was obviously incredibly influential, they're not at all like metallica, slayer, megadeth etc, but oooooh they use to look glam posers
  • Foda pra caralho
  • For all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • We’ve saved the best for last. Rocket back to the late 1980s with me. Your hair metal band just failed because you look gay even to homosexual rights activists, and not in the good way. In the supersonic stupid way. You’re out of money, and this band named Metallica has just raised the stakes for metal bands by being harder and faster. They’re harder and faster, while you’re prancing and pouting. So what do you do? Turn that fear of your masculinity outward, and become a tough-guy version of Metallica. This is what Pantera did with their first “real” album, Cowboys From Hell. Metallica riffs in simple songs with lots of ‘roid rage posturing. It got worse after that as Pantera added more trends to their faux metal charm bracelet, dabbling in death metal and blues rock, until their music ended up a mishmash of completely random influences. People like this band because it’s a good introduction to basic rock guitar. They can understand it, and it also appeals to their wounded masculinity.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Pantera
  • I'm proud, proud to be loud! Turn it up!
  • \m/ \m/
  • I grew up listening to Pantera of the 90's. I can't believe it, but I happen to prefer 80's Pantera waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much more.
  • Power Metal is a great album. It deserves more recognition.
  • PanteraTheBest

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