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The Green And Black (8:10)

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  • Green and black is a chocolate
  • sick
  • brian unholy,yeah gus was and is a awesome guitarist,but he aint coming baaaack...the green and the black !!!
  • thrash on !!! break ya legz !!!
  • dat intro...
  • i hope they will not ever change their styles. OLD SCHOOL THRASH RULEZ!
  • i'll forgive them for bring from new jersey, it's not their fault.
  • Gustafson solos= mindblowing .,.,.,? still wonder why he dosen't still play with them,..,.,???????????????
  • Just what I needed to hear.
  • I grow up listening to them for some 20 years
  • Love it!!\m/
  • \m/
  • great song, always love hearing the intro start up
  • One of Overkill's finest. Especially the solo.
  • old school thrash never dies [3]
  • old school thrash never dies [2]
  • Overkill fucking rules!!!!
  • many good riffs in the song :)
  • These guys must dig playing Magic: The Gathering, that's a powerful combination of colours.
  • awesome!
  • old school thrash never dies
  • when are you coming to glasgow scotland ?
  • overkill K I L L S!!!!!!
  • Eight minutes of pure awesomeness.
  • [track artist=teramaze]Smashed face / Album teaser[/track] metal/progressive band from Australia-TERAMAZE
  • the best overkill song ever?
  • OMFG! I was a bit sceptical about buying this album, but now I regret the fact I dind't buy it earlier.
  • @ Czajnik_69: I believe you're thinking of the song Take No Prisoners. Cause when I heard him sing that, that song immediately popped into my head.
  • really kickin!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kick fucking ass!
  • Awesome
  • riff at 4:24 is awesome
  • great concert opener too I experienced it 8) [2]
  • great concert opener too I experienced it 8)
  • Oh SHIT! This is one killer album opener!!! Intense! And the good thing is, the album doesn't go down hill after this!
  • I think this song was responsible for the baja california quake. That break in the middle and then the solo is so damn perfect...
  • Overkill Rocks Brazil
  • fuck, I love this song!
  • Holy shit.
  • you and and me...forever we...flyyyyyy!!!
  • I love how this song just keeps thrashing :D
  • 6:00 I think I came.
  • totally thrashin' \m/
  • Fucking killer!!! [2]
  • Overkill at it best
  • Fucking killer!!! One of the best intros I've heard
  • YEAH \m/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the best :b

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