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  • Avatar di dAziks
    I am my own Holocaust!
  • Avatar di sashaFierce666
  • Avatar di lmlFYRHAMMERlml
    I guess I missed were they tagged NSBM they are not!!
  • Avatar di kvltovheather
    haha my mom looked at them and said 'why do they look so horrible?'
  • Avatar di tru_dude
    fuck me with a crucifix, she said?
  • Avatar di kvltovheather
    can you say supergroup?
  • Avatar di Son-Of-Satan
    i dont care if people say this is mainstream black metal or its shit i fucking love it!
  • Avatar di suicidalerect
    why are they tagged as NSBM? they have nothing to do with that type of music!
  • Avatar di Shafter92
    This song is absolutely the best on the album.
  • Avatar di Sqrcz

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