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  • v "The Edge" is his latest track and is awesome, don't be so rude with this guy.
  • Not the bigest but really big lost. I just can't express how shitty is now his music. Violetta and maybe Mafioso are his last good track, Amsterdam is last epic thing. Bye bye Orjan, I don't even check your new tracks.
  • In 2010 - Orjan Wonderfulsen, now - Orjan Shitsen. The bigest lost in trance music.
  • listen to the old stuff if you don't like the new ones, that's all ;) [2]
  • Most of his new stuff isn't too good. If you want more like Violetta, try Viking if you haven't heard it yet.
  • such a talented producer, though my favourite will always be La Guitarra (Balearic Mix)
  • His first album is such great piece of trance music. his latter stuff though......especially 2013 was so bad....
  • SHIT
  • In my opinion gr8 track!
  • Amsterdam > All
  • Violetta is nice :-)
  • Violetta is a step in the right direction from Orjan, it's much better than his previous tracks.
  • Гений!!!
  • Amsterdam<3
  • All new tracks are good.. nothing like between the rays - cause this is epic - but still sounds nice for me. Congrats Orjan.
  • Lovers Lane is by far his best tune in my opinion : )
  • and now i laugh at his music.
  • Orjan Nilsen - Copperfield (Original Mix): Decent synth melody based break in a noisy, raucous Tech Trance sandwich. “Magic”? Try ‘generic’. Has potential and could be improved by a decent remixer. 6.5/10 - More Reviews at / @TranceFixxed
  • Copperfield it's a banging tune for a party :D
  • ееееееееее первый 1000000!!!
  • listen to the old stuff if you don't like the new ones, that's all ;)
  • Orjan Nilsen KILLS! :) I wish I could get my tracks as clean and inspired as his :P [url=]Check me out on Soundcloud![/url]
  • i so agree that. his masterpieces are slowly turning to shit. he really should have to take break after the album quality of his tunes has dramatically dropped.
  • Oh man he's new tracks are too bad. The only good one he's made this year is Amsterdam. The newest "Burana" is probably the worst trance thing he's ever made. Short, poor buid up mixed with generic melody reapating on and on and on. Orjan, please take a break and come with something good.
  • Burana ууууууууууеееееееееее!
  • Burana! finally something descent since between the rays & legions :p
  • Phireworx
  • your new productions shouldn't be catalogue as progressive trance sounds so damn house :s we've lost you orjan
  • Phireworx !megusta!
  • Lovers lane
  • Just can't get enough of Between the Rays!
  • Endymion!
  • Legions <3
  • Endymion makes me crazy, releaaaaaeeese please :-)
  • Endymion ваще рвет!
  • Endymion!
  • Endymion <3 oh yeah <3
  • "Endymion" is awesome, Orjan is a trance machine.
  • Endymion ! ! !
  • damn Orjan you're a fucking beast! such banggin' tunes!
  • beeeet weeeeen theeeee raaaaaaaayyyyyyysssss
  • Сногшибайющий транс!!браво!!
  • Amsterdam! Viking! Between The Rays! Legions! AWWWW YEAH ORJAN!!!
  • бля,ебать красавчик !yaoming!
  • Legions / Le Tour De Trance / Between The Rays / <3
  • Amsterdam is massssssssssiveeee \o/\o/
  • Correct name is [artist]Ørjan Nilsen[/artist]. Suggest a correction ->
  • "Legions" is a massive tune!
  • Between The Rays <3


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